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February 8, 2018

What Would You Say?

What would you say if someone offered you a million dollars, but wouldn’t let you know where the money came from?

What would you say if the women/man you love asked you to marry them, but they had just had an indiscretion and they told you about it right after they popped the question?

What would you say if you didn’t believe in an idea and it was against your principles, but you would be compensated if you backed the idea?

What would you say to a person if you knew they where lying, but it would hurt their feelings if you let them know you knew they were lying?

What would you say or do to be happy?

Let me know what you would say or do, by commenting below on this page, I dare you.

Hoping I would say and do the right thing,






The Meaning and Joy of Laughter

When you think about it, laughter creates one of the few times when you’re able to completely push aside problems, differences and anything that invokes negativity. Don’t you feel good when you see someone truly engulfed in laughter? I know I do, it allows you to feel free, fresh, joyful and inspired. I can remember a time when I was at Children’s Hospital Oakland, taking care of my daughter and seeing the people as well as myself bring laughter to the sick children. I could see the warmth and possibilities of wellness exuberating from their smiles. Yes laughter heals, if you don’t believe that, then try it and you’ll see and feel.


Laughing as I think about it,



When was the last time you attempted to say I love you to everyone you feel that way for? It may in some way be impossible to do so for you for some reason. But, how about to the ones you see and are in contact with everyday, whether it’s verbally or spiritually or just an expression that would let one know how you feel?

In reality it helps you more than the person you say it to. The reason why I say this is, because the expression allows you to express your true positive feelings and it also allows you to be complete in letting what’s inside of you out, in the most positive way.

The thought and expression of love doesn’t truly exist until it is given in its purist manner, an expression from one to another or to the many. Try doing it everyday, let the love in your heart come out and see how greatly you are rewarded. So I’m going to do it now and this is based on simply who you are.



Be Sure to Register and Vote

There are many different very important reasons why everyone who can, should register, if you haven’t, and vote. There are also many obstacles that some may have to over come to do so, but there is certainly a norm or value that creates an overwhelming need to vote.

Voting identifies yourself as an American; an individual with substance and meaning. Voting is the one thing that truly stands for the meaning of democracy in our country. It doesn’t make a difference if you are a man or a woman, it doesn’t make difference of your color, race or religion, because each individual vote shares the same value. This is truly the time when everyone who can, should vote. Standing equally, side by side in equality with the next person, with nothing lying in the way of that individual privilege.

Everyone stand up and be an American—VOTE,


Standing in The Sun

The shining of the light that radiates from the sun, gives me energy to love. The heat pushes down on my body making it heavy with might, that allows me to stand here and just love you. You, you are my sun, the sun that makes the rain run and run and run off my face, when ever sadness comes my way. E, your the light who shines so bright, that it allows me to see my future and my future is you. YOU ARE MY SUN.

Please, never turn off the light,


Dedicated to all who do, all that will and all who know love.

Compassion and Thought Provoking: Obama

I filled out the mail in ballot weeks ago. There was no hand wringing or pencil chewing involved when it came time to choose a presidential candidate. I filled in Obama’s arrow and dropped it in the mail box. When thinking about whom I choose to vote for, I asked myself, what is the reason why I picked this person?

It’s a fact that both Mitt Romney and President Obama are smart, quick thinking and strong individuals, but the thing that creates the difference is, the president has a great deal of compassion and thought provoking ideas. I feel this is a trait that is surely needed in someone who will lead the country during these challenging times. Sure, they both are politicians and we all know what that entails. But getting back to my point, Obama’s display of compassion is important when you are dealing with such a wide scale of different beliefs, ideas, perceptions and desires. Obama has shown many times that he is tolerant of people who have beliefs that differ from his own and he fights for the rights of those people despite this. In a melting pot society, don’t we want someone that accepts our differences rather than bullies us into following their own beliefs?

This kind of leadership helps him to speak to, understand and solidify the questions and communications he has with the people of the nation and around the world. The thought provoking ideas he and his administration put forth have created the possibility to generate the many different functions of growth and togetherness in the country. Sure these traits are something a person learns and I feel everyone is capable of learning them, but it’s crucial to develop these characteristics when you are young, (you know during the time of your life when your development is pure and true).

What I’m saying is, it is the morality of the person that should dominate their expressions, because this is what it takes to truly lead our country in a righteous way. No matter what degree a need or desire maybe, in solving it the leader should show compassion and lend to it thought provoking ideas. Hope does bring change, if you truly believe.

The Bay Area

What I like most about the area I live in (THE BAY AREA) is the versatility of the region, with places to eat, and entertain you and it’s people. You can find almost every variation you can imagine.


For instance, I’ve been getting sandwiches from Genova’s for over 15 years. My tip: avoid the lunch crowd which usually lasts from noon- until 3ish. They’ll never sale out of sandwiches, unlike some other lady I know-(Bake sale Betty).Photo Credit: Amy Gahran

There are plenty of places to get a cup of clam chowder in the Bay Area, but if you’re not getting it from San Francisco I don’t even want to hear about it. The best place to get clam chowder is on Fisherman’s Wharf. Any place will do, but the only place I’ll pluck money down with is Tarantino’s. Cons: It’s so good you have to take a pint home, and they rarely have to go containers 🙁


Yes they have their ups and downs, but I love my World Champion S.F Giants, 49ers, Raiders and the Oakland A’s.


You can also find almost every type of weather in the circumference of about 200 miles. In some areas the beauty of the scenery is breath taking and then on the other hand you can wonder upon a scene that could take your breath away. Where else, but the Bay Area can you grab a sandwich and look out across the water all within your lunch hour?

But through all of it, I love talking to the people, people of all races, genders and concept of thinking. Just like the climate and scenery, the nature of the people vary, but when it comes down to pulling together or just giving a smile when it matters, the Bay Area pulls, lives, works, plays and grows together.

Believing and hoping,


Lyrics that changed the world

There are some songs that change how we feel and view life, anyone remember, “We are the World”? The song was written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie. It brought entertainers of many different styles and nationalities together and it created a sense of unity for many across this nation and the world.

Marvin Gaye’s, “What’s Going On”.

Mother, mother
There’s too many of you crying
Brother, brother, brother
There’s far too many of you dying
You know we’ve got to find a way
To bring some lovin’ here today

Those lyrics tell you about the history of the time in which the song was written. It’s a classic because of this, which influences people when they listen to it. I think people who discover Gaye will continue to be touched by the lyrics for generations to come.

The point I’m making is, lyrics within songs, from the beginning to the present, have played a part in our lives, whether it’s about love or war, truth or lies, weak or strong, we are influenced by the writers’ inner thoughts and feelings. It’s probably because the human soul and mind desires the influence of another’s deepest engaging thoughts and dreams. Or could it just be the longing to be a part of a connecting force that makes all of us in the world, one big family with a desire to know one another, but just not being able to develop our destiny.

Think about it.


Inspirational Tweets

It’s a beautiful thing when someone tweets you a message that empowers your belief in yourself or your goals or either allows you to view what you hope and feel about yourself through another’s eyes, heart or mind. Those words are of the inspirational nature and are meant to encourage you to feel or move to higher heights. On November 6th or 7th, 2012, depending on where you were in the United States or the world, the President of the United States (Barack Obama) tweeted a message to everyone thanking them for their support and letting them know that he’s going to continue to do his best in representing us in a highly inspired manner. Oh yea, his tweet was the most returned tweet in the history of twitter. How inspirational is that?

Scary Movies or Happy Endings?

All through my life I never experienced the effect of being frighten by a movie, until I was an adult. I was about twenty-nine years of age and I lived by myself. I enjoy being by myself a lot, because that’s when I get my best song writing ideas.

Photo Credit: The Web Princess

It was about six thirty and it was still light out, because it was right before sunset. I was laying on my cal king waterbed, watching The Shining on my new Sony Trinitron television. So I started watching the movie and it started off slowly, but gradually rose in dynamics. Meanwhile it was getting darker and darker in the house. The sun had set and there were no lights on in the house. As time went on, between the dynamics of the movie and the quiet atmosphere, by the time Jack Nicholson said “Here’s Johnny the movie had me. I guess it took everything to come together to take me there, a place of fright where I hadn’t been before. Tell me about your scary moment, while watching a scary move, I dare you.

But what moves you more, a Happy movie or a Scary one?

Let’s flip the script and talk about a happy movie. One of my favorites is Forest Gump. It had an array of happy endings and situations that brought back many memories. The movie is told through the eyes of Forest Gump, who takes you through a journey of never ending delightful surprises. My favorite line in the movie began with “Mama said….

If I had to choose between these two movies, which one I liked most, I would choose Forest Gump, because I’m not a true fan of horror movies, but I am a sucker for positivity and overcoming adversities in situations that seem impossible to overcome.  The best part of movie was the strong loving relationship that he had with his mother. This touched me deeply and inspired me to tell my own story about my mother.  So with that in mind I would like to share with you a song I wrote and composed, entitled “You’re my Mother”.