Compassion and Thought Provoking: Obama

I filled out the mail in ballot weeks ago. There was no hand wringing or pencil chewing involved when it came time to choose a presidential candidate. I filled in Obama’s arrow and dropped it in the mail box. When thinking about whom I choose to vote for, I asked myself, what is the reason why I picked this person?

It’s a fact that both Mitt Romney and President Obama are smart, quick thinking and strong individuals, but the thing that creates the difference is, the president has a great deal of compassion and thought provoking ideas. I feel this is a trait that is surely needed in someone who will lead the country during these challenging times. Sure, they both are politicians and we all know what that entails. But getting back to my point, Obama’s display of compassion is important when you are dealing with such a wide scale of different beliefs, ideas, perceptions and desires. Obama has shown many times that he is tolerant of people who have beliefs that differ from his own and he fights for the rights of those people despite this. In a melting pot society, don’t we want someone that accepts our differences rather than bullies us into following their own beliefs?

This kind of leadership helps him to speak to, understand and solidify the questions and communications he has with the people of the nation and around the world. The thought provoking ideas he and his administration put forth have created the possibility to generate the many different functions of growth and togetherness in the country. Sure these traits are something a person learns and I feel everyone is capable of learning them, but it’s crucial to develop these characteristics when you are young, (you know during the time of your life when your development is pure and true).

What I’m saying is, it is the morality of the person that should dominate their expressions, because this is what it takes to truly lead our country in a righteous way. No matter what degree a need or desire maybe, in solving it the leader should show compassion and lend to it thought provoking ideas. Hope does bring change, if you truly believe.