The Bay Area

What I like most about the area I live in (THE BAY AREA) is the versatility of the region, with places to eat, and entertain you and it’s people. You can find almost every variation you can imagine.


For instance, I’ve been getting sandwiches from Genova’s for over 15 years. My tip: avoid the lunch crowd which usually lasts from noon- until 3ish. They’ll never sale out of sandwiches, unlike some other lady I know-(Bake sale Betty).Photo Credit: Amy Gahran

There are plenty of places to get a cup of clam chowder in the Bay Area, but if you’re not getting it from San Francisco I don’t even want to hear about it. The best place to get clam chowder is on Fisherman’s Wharf. Any place will do, but the only place I’ll pluck money down with is Tarantino’s. Cons: It’s so good you have to take a pint home, and they rarely have to go containers 🙁


Yes they have their ups and downs, but I love my World Champion S.F Giants, 49ers, Raiders and the Oakland A’s.


You can also find almost every type of weather in the circumference of about 200 miles. In some areas the beauty of the scenery is breath taking and then on the other hand you can wonder upon a scene that could take your breath away. Where else, but the Bay Area can you grab a sandwich and look out across the water all within your lunch hour?

But through all of it, I love talking to the people, people of all races, genders and concept of thinking. Just like the climate and scenery, the nature of the people vary, but when it comes down to pulling together or just giving a smile when it matters, the Bay Area pulls, lives, works, plays and grows together.

Believing and hoping,