Meet Deryo

 Deryo: The Bay Area’s Hottest R&B Artist with a New R&B Style

His talents are many, which includes: writer/composer, producer, vocalist, keyboardist and drummer.

Having worked with some of the industry’s greatest artists, Deryo is referred to, as a genius in his own right. His music is innovative and cutting edge. His work has allowed him to be requested at regional festivals and large venue night clubs. His previous albums, Unveiled and Deryo’s Confessions, are played in the international arena, earning him fans worldwide.

What’s special about Deryo’s new CD entitled SEARCHING FOR LOVE(which will debut in 2012), are the soulful heart wrenching lyrics, accompanied by a foot stomping bass, sexy electrical guitar, tasty keyboards, and the sweet vocal harmonies of Deryo.

Audiences can hear the pulse of a new generation of music within his work. Just listening to his lyrics, people can find the deep depths of how it feels, to have loved and lost. His vocal abilities are so sweet his fans nicknamed him, the Voice. The CD is based on a blend of rhythms and melodies, surrounded by a melodic blanket to pull it all together. Deryo’s style is for people looking for a new R&B. In this new R&B, Deryo merges R&B, Hip Hop, Funky Soul, and a pinch of Jazz for flavor; essentially bridging the gap of both Old and New School