How Will I?

How will I know

If I’m not listening.

How will I see

If I’m not looking.

How will I understand

If I’m not paying attention.

How will I receive my blessings?

If I don’t believe.

You see

All these things do apply

And I will.

Doing what it takes,


Music you can use

If you like music that mixes yesterday’s funk with today’s R&B, you’ve got to listen to Searching For Love by Deryo. Bridging the gap between yesteryear’s music and modernizing it with today’s R&B and pop Searching For Love defies genres. It’s something that’s out of […]

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We Are The 99%

Within our lives we are challenged by the changes of our time.  When you have things that shape your life, and it begins to press against you and forces you off balance, it’s important to push back to gain your positive perspective. The Occupy Wall […]

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A Good Day

Today was a good day, one of my business partners (Erica) and I started on the journey of the physical promotional campaign. Working with her today refreshed my minds eye of the positive reflection of getting important things done, when faced with the barrier that […]

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Welcome everyone, To my new site I’ve added a lot of great things for you to enjoy. Each month there’ll be new content added to the site, starting with this blog, in which I will talk about music, and more specifically how genres have […]

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