Should You?

How should you feel

When you find out

A friend is not

Truly your friend?

A Friend

Is someone

Who is there for you

Just as

You are there for them.

No questions asked.

So when

Life tests the truth

Of it all.

Should you?

Think about it,

If you feel it, understand it, believe it,

then SHARE it,



Like You

Like You There is No one like you. From the true Expressions From your heart. To the trust You have In me. It makes me believe Love is real. Meaning (God is real) Because He is Love. No one Is Like You. If you feel […]

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As We Look

As We Look As we look Into the future. Let not The hate and pain Of others Be your guide. Open you eyes To the beauty in life. That has been And always will be Our glory. Love others As you Love yourself. Where ever […]

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The quality of life. The quality of things you possess. Is there a difference between the two? No, because the things you own Are influenced by the way you preserve your life. Quantify and Qualify your Quality, Deryo

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