Forever and Always

You are the love of my life
The hero of my emotions
Kindly walking with me
In each day
Never forgetting
Our completeness
That helps us
Along our way
So, I hold
My arms open
For you each
And every day
With that
I promise you
That this is

Forever and always,


After working hard to gain Then pushing hard Away the pain I ask why? Working so hard To complete the relationship You simply turn your head And it’s all gone Gone to a place With no face Not one I know. My heart and soul […]

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My Star

You shine your light So I may see. Creating a positive path Even when darkness Attempts to place itself Between us You continue to enrich me My Star light Shine bright . Please Never stop being My Star With hope and belief, Deryo

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If I Say I love you Would it make a difference? Because Love Is how you feel If I Lean in To be your friend Would you Love it? I have made Some rhymes And spent time With dimes But I Still can’t find The […]

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I write my words, but I ask myself is anyone listening? As the pen takes flight, I know it isn’t me who is writing. Speaking from my heart with truth and love as its guide. I have a message that has been given to me. […]

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Very shortly a new year will be right in our faces and we will stand within it, making choices, promises and creating vast degrees of ideas to give understanding, advantage and the ability to persevere in life. This is a continual process that we have […]

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