You Choose

When you choose the right thing to do

You imply to your life’s path

A positive direction to follow.

But it is not the only choice you are given.

Life always has two sides.

Some people feel the two choices

Are problematic.

But the truth is

It’s only what you make it

When you choose.





The Fire

Bring the fire I know it’s your desire. And I know Real love can’t be stopped. You can Hold out your hand Because I have a plan. I know What love is. So, I know What love can be. And I know You are feeling […]

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After all is Said

After all is said and done   After all is said and done Will we still be friends? Because twenty years Is too long For our friendship To go wrong. You have had my back And I have had yours too. So, what value Do […]

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As we come once again Into a scheduled day of thanks. I say happy Thanksgiving. But I would also say That I am thankful every day. And we should attempt to Show thankfulness To each other every day. I am sure The world Would be […]

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