After all is Said

After all is said and done


After all is said and done

Will we still be friends?

Because twenty years

Is too long

For our friendship

To go wrong.

You have had my back

And I have had yours too.

So, what value

Do you put on

Truth and honor.

As I was once told

To always

Create a foundation.

So, after all

Is said and done.

I bet on you.


If you love your friend, then be a friend,



As we come once again Into a scheduled day of thanks. I say happy Thanksgiving. But I would also say That I am thankful every day. And we should attempt to Show thankfulness To each other every day. I am sure The world Would be […]

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Touch the Sky

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There is a power in this world, that generates a positive life force. And you own the patent. As fast as change comes and you don’t care for it, but you are always steadfast and ready. I know it’s in your DNA, but what good […]

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I Know Her

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