Hard to Find

It’s hard to find peace of mind.
When the slightest mistake
Can end your life.
It’s hard to find respect.
When in some peoples minds
You do not deserve it.
And they don’t know you
Or spoken to you before.
At this time
It’s just HARD.
You must keep
Your faith long
Your belief strong.
Yes it’s hard
But, when has it not been.
Keep believing,

Desire to Be Brave

Am I not brave If I do not stand up For my dignity? Damn right. Am I not brave If I do not protect my family? Double damn right. But shouldn’t The question be. Why do people create These problems for me? Let it be […]

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It’s Time

It’s time to stand And not loose anymore time. No more crying From the lying. The babies are watching. So it’s time to teach. Even if means FORGIVENCE of the past. So we can start anew. Yes forgiving, but not forgetting. Because our history Is […]

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Why is it most times When good things Are offered in progression for the many People of color apply But it turns out That they are exempt from the process? Is it that they refuse To see us? Or is it That they refuse to […]

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Voice of Goodness

Into my life Came a voice, Voice of Goodness in my mind. I hear a message ringing out to me. Saying Do not let the Prince of Darkness, Rule your soul. Can you feel? The Goodness In your heart. Can you hear? The Goodness In […]

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I have to be strong Because you need me to be. But like everyone else I have my moments of doubt. But I know If I always do my best I will always persevere. And I know you have my back. And that makes me […]

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