I write you this simple note
To simply wish you a happy day.
So, if I tell you the simple truth
I must say, simply


My Wakening

I woke up this morning Feeling that Someone or something Was standing over me I thought it was Him But he had sent my inner self. To tell me To get up So he could show me the way. Even though I was Unsure and […]

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Looking Through

Looking through as far as you can think You can find the wonderment within your soul. There’s no limitations No doubt Because what is Is only what you think and believe. This a space or place Where your everything evolves. This also a place where […]

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We sometimes think within our wonderment Things are beyond our reach or comprehension. But if you believe in your thinking from the get go. It gives you a giant first step Towards the road of comprehension and attaining what you’re reaching for. It does make […]

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Safe As when I’m Neatly tucked in my space I see All the challenges Around me Evaporate. I raise my hand To the truth In which it stands Knowing that’s My only play I am Safe Find your truth, Deryo

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Forever and Always

You are the love of my life The hero of my emotions Kindly walking with me In each day Never forgetting Our completeness That helps us Along our way So, I hold My arms open For you each And every day With that I promise […]

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