I Stand

As a man
I stand for love.
I stand with pride.
I stand in my faith.
I stand for my belief.
I stand by my family.
In which
I will never forsake.
My family gives me
The strength
To survive
Amongst all of my challenges
So as I look out into life
I ask you
Can we all
Stand together?

With direction and hope, I STAND,

The Light

Brighter than a star It is a beacon that guides my life. Never swaying left or right It keeps me going straight ahead. Unlike many posers Which try to lead me toward confusion and astray. The light I see and believe Brings me truth through […]

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When you Wake up in the morning. Right before You thank Him For this new day. There is a moment When you search To find yourself. That is The everyday rebirth Of your soul. Hallelujah, Deryo

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Today we’re going to toss out All the times When someone said something To hurt your feelings. Or pushed your open loving heart To the ground. And you felt less than Who you truly are. So today We’re going to Throw all those Bad feelings […]

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Some people say

Some people say You are judged By the things you have Are by the things You can process. But I always say You shouldn’t judge yourself By things you have. But by How you get up From your let downs. Believe in yourself, Deryo

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