I write my words, but I ask myself is anyone listening? As the pen takes flight, I know it isn’t me who is writing. Speaking from my heart with truth and love as its guide. I have a message that has been given to me.

Even though it is my father who sends it, as it flows across my lips there begins a push back of doubt that has stayed strong since the beginning of time. My fathers name is God and my name is Jesus and as I speak through the hearts of all, today I say what I say through he. I say as I did yesterday and the same tomorrow: hello and I will always love you.

As I was told,



Very shortly a new year will be right in our faces and we will stand within it, making choices, promises and creating vast degrees of ideas to give understanding, advantage and the ability to persevere in life. This is a continual process that we have […]

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Always Will Stay

While watching T.V. It occurred to me You my love Were not around. I saw this movie And it brought back to me All the love That we have shared. Some how Always will stay Always will stay Always will stay In each other’s hearts. […]

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How Will I?

How will I know If I’m not listening. How will I see If I’m not looking. How will I understand If I’m not paying attention. How will I receive my blessings? If I don’t believe. You see All these things do apply And I will. […]

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Music you can use

If you like music that mixes yesterday’s funk with today’s R&B, you’ve got to listen to Searching For Love by Deryo. Bridging the gap between yesteryear’s music and modernizing it with today’s R&B and pop Searching For Love defies genres. It’s something that’s out of […]

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