Why is it most times
When good things
Are offered in progression for the many
People of color apply
But it turns out
That they are exempt
from the process?
Is it that they refuse
To see us?
Or is it
That they refuse to Believe in us?
Or, are we
Exempted by way of hate.

Just let me know,

Voice of Goodness

Into my life Came a voice, Voice of Goodness in my mind. I hear a message ringing out to me. Saying Do not let the Prince of Darkness, Rule your soul. Can you feel? The Goodness In your heart. Can you hear? The Goodness In […]

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I have to be strong Because you need me to be. But like everyone else I have my moments of doubt. But I know If I always do my best I will always persevere. And I know you have my back. And that makes me […]

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I write you this simple note To simply wish you a happy day. So, if I tell you the simple truth I must say, simply I LOVE YOU.😎 Simply, Deryo

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My Wakening

I woke up this morning Feeling that Someone or something Was standing over me I thought it was Him But he had sent my inner self. To tell me To get up So he could show me the way. Even though I was Unsure and […]

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Looking Through

Looking through as far as you can think You can find the wonderment within your soul. There’s no limitations No doubt Because what is Is only what you think and believe. This a space or place Where your everything evolves. This also a place where […]

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