Naming Songs

It’s funny how the first title of a song isn’t always the same as the first one you choose. Many of my songs are created with the music coming first, then the lyrics following. Like you lay the music track, then you create a melody, then you come up with a concept title for the lyrics and then you write the lyrics from there. I’ve also done  it other ways, such as the lyric first or the melody first, then music. But lately it’s been lyrics last. With this I’ve found myself coming up with titles that my lyrical co-writer only laughs at and says; “We have to change this to a more meaningful or relevant subject manner”. You know what, each time she was right? Sometimes its funny and sometimes it kind of stings for me, but the point is to get to where you need and want to go.





Beginning to Play The Drums Learning how to play the drums is the easiest instrument when it comes to learning one. I say this because; I’ve taught myself how to play three instruments in my life.  The instruments are the trumpet, which was my first, […]

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Blues & Dues

Everyone has a blues story to tell, but can everyone sing the blues?  It’s funny, because I’ve been a songwriter for a long time and I’ve written a lot of different genres of songs, but I’ve never written a blues song. Sure, I’ve had basic […]

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What is Fusion Music?

The definition of the word fusion is: the merging or blending of two or more things. So when we talk in terms that a certain type of music is fusion, we are actually saying two or more types of music are being composed together to […]

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