Welcome everyone,

To my new site Deryo.com. I’ve added a lot of great things for you to enjoy. Each month there’ll be new content added to the site, starting with this blog, in which I will talk about music, and more specifically how genres have evolved over the last few years. I’ll be leaving my thoughts and it would be great to hear yours, so leave a comment from time to time and let’s have a discussion!

Photos: I’ve got a lot of great photos from past shows. It’s possible you might be in one of them so click over and check it out.

I’ve also added a podcast section on the front page, where I have interviews about Deryo’s Confessions (my last album). I also have a podcast of my performance at HS Lordships in Berkeley. If you weren’t there this is your chance to see what you were missing. If you were there what did you think? I remember having a blast.

Podcasts aren’t the only place where you catch a live performance. I also have videos of live performances and I will be adding more, so keep dropping by so you can stay up to date.

Another great addition to the site is my discography page. Not only have I been a singer, song writer and musician, I have also worked as a producer, working with other bands and groups. A visit to the discography page will show you what I’m talking about. I have a few songs on there so you can listen to the work yours truly has done with others.

Last but not least, if you do nothing else, listen to the music. On the front page I’ve got all of the self produced, composed, written and performed albums I’ve done including a preview of my new album Searching For Love. All of the songs are available on the store page. When you find the song you like click on the buy link which will take you to the store page where you can purchase a single link or buy the entire album. Don’t forget Searching For Love is being sold exclusively on deryo.com, so if you want a copy go ahead and preorder it.

Explore and have fun! When you’re done come back and leave a comment.



Naming Songs

It’s funny how the first title of a song isn’t always the same as the first one you choose. Many of my songs are created with the music coming first, then the lyrics following. Like you lay the music track, then you create a melody, […]

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Beginning to Play The Drums Learning how to play the drums is the easiest instrument when it comes to learning one. I say this because; I’ve taught myself how to play three instruments in my life.  The instruments are the trumpet, which was my first, […]

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Blues & Dues

Everyone has a blues story to tell, but can everyone sing the blues?  It’s funny, because I’ve been a songwriter for a long time and I’ve written a lot of different genres of songs, but I’ve never written a blues song. Sure, I’ve had basic […]

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What is Fusion Music?

The definition of the word fusion is: the merging or blending of two or more things. So when we talk in terms that a certain type of music is fusion, we are actually saying two or more types of music are being composed together to […]

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