Finding Your Groove

I once told someone that: music is my pleasure and I can’t find nothing better, because when I’m trying to find peace of mind my music sets me free, so if you believe in me, let me play my music, music, music cause it’s my pleasure.

It is so important to find that thing in your life, which would allow you to feel the freedom of being you. We all do things to satisfy the meaning of our needs, but ask yourself do you know and do the one thing that allows you to be happy and in harmony with your personal self? You know, that thing that makes you feel complete each and every time you turn to it. I’m sure some will say yes to that and I say, just be true to yourself, because for me it’s music and I can’t find anything better.

Find it,


Saying Goodbye

  Saying goodbye many times is a hard thing, whether it’s someone passing or just no longer wanting to be in your life. The important thing for us to remember is the love; the joy and great experiences are the foundation of what we know […]

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Push Back

The luster of Good Feelings Stand strong inside of me. Is it the possibility of things That changes What is in the world? Or is it just me? Feeling strong and positive About the things and changes In the world. As time passes I have […]

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If You Think (You Know Me)

If you think you know me Then you would THINK Before you express your Opinion about the matters Of my heart. It should be noted that Every person has layers. That is only on their surface One at a time. So, if you really Think […]

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The end of a project Shouldn’t have a set Period of duration. The termination Of when something is finished. Should be evaluated By the standard Of what is best In what you’re Attempting to achieve. So, like right now As I compose this phrasing. I’m […]

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You Choose

When you choose the right thing to do You imply to your life’s path A positive direction to follow. But it is not the only choice you are given. Life always has two sides. Some people feel the two choices Are problematic. But the truth […]

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