We Are The 99%

Within our lives we are challenged by the changes of our time.  When you have things that shape your life, and it begins to press against you and forces you off balance, it’s important to push back to gain your positive perspective. The Occupy Wall Street movement has become one of the largest social events since the civil rights movement. I feel for the people who have lost their homes, have lost their jobs, and for those who are unable to get a job. Politicians in congress have tried to call you lazy, and blame the great recession on hardworking middle class Americans. But instead of wallowing in despair and accepting the fate that the 1% think they have the right to force you into, people have taken to the streets to demand change.

It inspired me, and encourages me to support this cause, because it is a cause that involves all of us. The video and song “Stand Up America is dedicated to the 99% Occupy Wall Street protesters who are standing up for my right and everyone else’s rights to the American Dream. It also encourages me to say to my readers “stand up America and recognize what’s truly happening”. We have to stand together and love one another and stand up and fight for our personal and duly given liberties.

Support this movement by sharing this video with everyone you know and downloading the free song.

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