The Impact of Music in My Life

Since that enlightened day of discovery, when I first experienced the majestic warmth of hearing and feeling the expression of song, till the day when I composed a song myself, the sound, vibration and magic of music have controlled my life.

In the beginning it was the excitement of a newly found wonderment and as I began to truly understand the meaning music conveys, it has underlined everything I do, think and feel. It’s a language that speaks to me on all levels of my life. It allows me comfort and strength when I’m sad. It gives me an abundance of energy when I’m tired. Music also fills me with inner joy while creating it and listening to it. It motivates me to express love on all levels.

Keeps me healthy too! It’s a great way to help me burn through my exercise regime. In other words, music has been in my life, music has made life full of meaning, matter of fact music is my life, and therefore it impacts my existence in every way every day. I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know though, so you tell me, how does music impact your life?

Sharing life’s magic,