When was the last time you attempted to say I love you to everyone you feel that way for? It may in some way be impossible to do so for you for some reason. But, how about to the ones you see and are in contact with everyday, whether it’s verbally or spiritually or just an expression that would let one know how you feel?

In reality it helps you more than the person you say it to. The reason why I say this is, because the expression allows you to express your true positive feelings and it also allows you to be complete in letting what’s inside of you out, in the most positive way.

The thought and expression of love doesn’t truly exist until it is given in its purist manner, an expression from one to another or to the many. Try doing it everyday, let the love in your heart come out and see how greatly you are rewarded. So I’m going to do it now and this is based on simply who you are.