Scary Movies or Happy Endings?

All through my life I never experienced the effect of being frighten by a movie, until I was an adult. I was about twenty-nine years of age and I lived by myself. I enjoy being by myself a lot, because that’s when I get my best song writing ideas.

Photo Credit: The Web Princess

It was about six thirty and it was still light out, because it was right before sunset. I was laying on my cal king waterbed, watching The Shining on my new Sony Trinitron television. So I started watching the movie and it started off slowly, but gradually rose in dynamics. Meanwhile it was getting darker and darker in the house. The sun had set and there were no lights on in the house. As time went on, between the dynamics of the movie and the quiet atmosphere, by the time Jack Nicholson said “Here’s Johnny the movie had me. I guess it took everything to come together to take me there, a place of fright where I hadn’t been before. Tell me about your scary moment, while watching a scary move, I dare you.

But what moves you more, a Happy movie or a Scary one?

Let’s flip the script and talk about a happy movie. One of my favorites is Forest Gump. It had an array of happy endings and situations that brought back many memories. The movie is told through the eyes of Forest Gump, who takes you through a journey of never ending delightful surprises. My favorite line in the movie began with “Mama said….

If I had to choose between these two movies, which one I liked most, I would choose Forest Gump, because I’m not a true fan of horror movies, but I am a sucker for positivity and overcoming adversities in situations that seem impossible to overcome.  The best part of movie was the strong loving relationship that he had with his mother. This touched me deeply and inspired me to tell my own story about my mother.  So with that in mind I would like to share with you a song I wrote and composed, entitled “You’re my Mother”.