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February 20, 2018

How can you motivate others?

Usually when an individual motivates another, there is a sheer energy that drives them to lend a hand to influence the next person. When motivating someone you have to truly have and show true interest in the venue and the person to whom you’re relating with. The reason for this is, I’m sure the fact or the lack of trust, belief or understanding is not present with the person being motivated.

Motivating a friend…

I remember a time when I was attempting to motivate a friend to be able to talk to girls. He naturally talked a lot, but when he would get around the opposite sex he would clam up and not say a word, even if he liked the girl and really wanted to create an on going conversation or even a relationship. Naturally I wanted to help this friend, so I started listing for him all the good and positive reasons why it would be to his advantage to speak at the appropriate time.

He agreed with what I said, but when the situation presented itself the same old response took over and there he was with nothing to say.

Don’t give up if your message isn’t heard the first time…

So back to the drawing board, I took it upon myself to demonstrate for him in a live situation how easy it could be to talk to the ladies, by being cool calm and collective. Then it hit me. It’s not that he didn’t know what to say to girls, he was just too nervous to speak. So to come to a conclusion I came up with this idea and it was to take the problem head on. I invited the girl that my friend likes over and I explained to her the situation and come to find out, she liked him also. Perfect! So I had my friend to come by and I had the young lady wait in another room so when he arrived he wouldn’t know she was there.

Sometimes you have to get creative and let the third time be the charm…

So when he got there we sat down and started talking about how he felt and after a while I had her to come out of the next room and talk to my friend. I realized the way to motivate him was to have him face the situation head on, no matter how nervous he would get.  Come to find out, the problem only existed from a lack of confidence. Once he started talking, he never stopped. The two people have been happily married for a very long time.

It was difficult solution to a simple problem. The key to motivating others is to never give up in helping them reach your goals. Staying the course in the long run is rewarding to both you and the one’s you love. Love is the answer

Now pass this message forward by sharing this song- Love is the answer {audio}love-is-the-answer.mp3{/audio}


Let Me Finish

I wish that…

I hope you…

Did I tell you…?

Can we…?

You will always…

Let me…

I will always love you, because my love runs deeper than any challenge.

How many times has it been when you’ve had a very deep emotional feeling and couldn’t give it or finish the thought to the person it was attended for?

Never put off telling someone your true feelings of love, always finish expressing your devotion.

I guess I’m finished,


What Would You Say?

What would you say if someone offered you a million dollars, but wouldn’t let you know where the money came from?

What would you say if the women/man you love asked you to marry them, but they had just had an indiscretion and they told you about it right after they popped the question?

What would you say if you didn’t believe in an idea and it was against your principles, but you would be compensated if you backed the idea?

What would you say to a person if you knew they where lying, but it would hurt their feelings if you let them know you knew they were lying?

What would you say or do to be happy?

Let me know what you would say or do, by commenting below on this page, I dare you.

Hoping I would say and do the right thing.


Standing in The Sun

The shining of the light that radiates from the sun, gives me energy to love. The heat pushes down on my body making it heavy with might, that allows me to stand here and just love you. You, you are my sun, the sun that makes the rain run and run and run off my face, when ever sadness comes my way. E, your the light who shines so bright, that it allows me to see my future and my future is you. YOU ARE MY SUN.

Please, never turn off the light,


Dedicated to all who do, all that will and all who know love.

A Time For Thanks

Ever since I gained the true value of honoring the thanks you give in return for what you have received, I know it is something that you should do in every moment of your life.  Now understand what I mean, and that is a thought I give in an individualistic demeanor.  But it is also a wonderful thing to designate a particular day, so we as a country can unite as one, creating a unified day of thanks. I’m sure this has value, such as bringing people together and opening minds to be aware of something that is so important, and that is being thankful for the good and love in your life. So may God continue to bless you as you give thanks for the blessings you receive.

Happy Thanksgiving,


How to Be a Muse

While surfing through the channels on my TV, I came upon an old movie called The Muse. Starring as the muse was the lovely Sharon Stone. This is a fun little comedy, which is a nice break from her fatal attraction type movies.  In The Muse, it was Sharon Stone’s job to help to inspire a struggling screenwriter (played by Albert Brooks) who was suffering from writers block. But the problem was, the writer truly didn’t believe in the talents of the muse.

Nobody ever trusts the Muse

In the writer’s defense the muse did ask for crazy things in order to receive her help, like demanding to sleep in his master bedroom. Judging from the movie, one of the important ways to begin to steer the writer in the right direction was to gain his trust and belief in the muse. So, she challenged him by demanding things from him that would put her in control.

After gaining his unconditional attention she was able to start creating the task of building his ability to relax and open up his mind, which would tear down the wall that was blocking his flow of ideas. Ka-ching! He was back in business.

It’s Hard out there for a Muse

So I guess one would say, being a muse is something like a parent who is teaching a child who doesn’t listen to their positive advice. Of course the muse or parent is usually right (sigh*).

So if you want to be a muse you gotta be willing to be aggressive, and be prepared to hold back the desire to say I told you so. Eventually, just like Albert Brook’s character they’ll realize how valuable you are🙂

My Favorite Guilty Pleasure

Ok I’m going to open up a little here and talk about what used to be one of a few guilty pleasures for me. Now understand me, I’m only going to speak on one for now, I’ll get back to you on the others. Maybe.

The pleasure was a TV program I used to watch and I felt guilty, because I use to talk about anyone who watched it prior. I’m just not sure exactly what truly spellbound me; I just had to watch it every day it came on. I know you’re asking yourself, “how could you take the time to do that?” Well I had it set for recording daily and I would find time at night to watch it.

Ok here we go, I’m going to tell you the name of the program, but first I must let you know that even though I didn’t truly want people to know I watched it, I couldn’t help watching it. It seemed like I got a certain type of release each time I viewed the program.

Ok, ok I’ll tell you, but only because it doesn’t come on any more. The program was…  All My Children; ok there I’ve given you my use-to-be favorite guilty pleasure. Now it’s your turn to tell me in return, what is your favorite guilty pleasure? It can be anything, just as long as it’s yours and you are telling me the truth. Ha-Ha.

Giving it up,


Holiday Shopping

This is the time of the year that I enjoy most, because it’s a time when most of us tend to share love, understand, show goodwill and last but not least giving. Even with the weather, it tends to put you in more of a relaxed frame of mind—well when you’re not working. So let me talk about the giving aspect of the season, because that involves a great deal of shopping. This is also the time when you can find wonderful deals on the pricing of items you may want to purchase. But you also must watch yourself, because it is very easy to over spend. Take me for instance, I went shopping at Macys the other day for a few small gifts and left the store with furniture, jewelry and clothes, let me say it like this; fifteen hundred easily became four thousand and my reasoning was, “if I would have bought it before the sale it could have cost me ten thousand.” That always works-how do I know, because it works on me! So the moral of this shopping tale is, enjoy yourself and be happy and blessed.

Tell me about some of your seasonal shopping adventures.

Happy Holidays, 


Politics Of The Season

I’ve followed politics for a long time now and I’ve never seen anything like the confusion I’m viewing in today’s political venue. Tis’ the season to be jolly. That’s it!  Maybe if they sing along with one another or listen to each other’s desired brand of music. Maybe then they could find a way to open up their hearts and minds to one another, because I’m sure they really can’t be so stupid. They’re playing with people’s lives and on top of that, they’re ruining the spiritual togetherness of the season, but I guess that’s just the politics of the season.

Aren’t they supposed to be the ones who show us the right example of working together, because we did send them to Washington to represent us, right?  This season of politics isn’t created with joy, spirituality or respect for mankind. If they won’t sing; joy to the world, together, maybe they can try to let the peoples; freedom ring.

Please keep your hope alive,


Seasonal Wishings

This is a story I would like to tell you, but don’t saying anything just listen and don’t judge, but try to accept.

It was the year 20–, and times were hard. Many people weren’t in the position to have seasonal joy (aka Christmas gift excess). But understand that they would if they could find the tools to create the structure to be able to live within the wonderment of the season of joy, they would. Who wouldn’t? As time got closer to the 25th of December, there were more and more people in this declining situation. Then one day one single person stood up and shouted out; “lets all pray, believe and have seasonal wishes for all the children to have their wishes to come true. As this touched everyone individually at a time, until it included every adult, it suddenly became clear to all that with love and giving, anything is possible. This single act of thought or giving changed the world, because now everyone understood that it wasn’t what was around us that made the difference, but it is what has always been inside us that truly make’s the difference.  If you can’t give products, give the greatest gift of all— your love. So maybe you should try it, I really wish you would, I’m pretty sure it would work.

Peace and Love to All.

Believing all is possible,