Holiday Shopping

This is the time of the year that I enjoy most, because it’s a time when most of us tend to share love, understand, show goodwill and last but not least giving. Even with the weather, it tends to put you in more of a relaxed frame of mind—well when you’re not working. So let me talk about the giving aspect of the season, because that involves a great deal of shopping. This is also the time when you can find wonderful deals on the pricing of items you may want to purchase. But you also must watch yourself, because it is very easy to over spend. Take me for instance, I went shopping at Macys the other day for a few small gifts and left the store with furniture, jewelry and clothes, let me say it like this; fifteen hundred easily became four thousand and my reasoning was, “if I would have bought it before the sale it could have cost me ten thousand.” That always works-how do I know, because it works on me! So the moral of this shopping tale is, enjoy yourself and be happy and blessed.

Tell me about some of your seasonal shopping adventures.

Happy Holidays,