How can you motivate others?

Usually when an individual motivates another, there is a sheer energy that drives them to lend a hand to influence the next person. When motivating someone you have to truly have and show true interest in the venue and the person to whom you’re relating with. The reason for this is, I’m sure the fact or the lack of trust, belief or understanding is not present with the person being motivated.

Motivating a friend…

I remember a time when I was attempting to motivate a friend to be able to talk to girls. He naturally talked a lot, but when he would get around the opposite sex he would clam up and not say a word, even if he liked the girl and really wanted to create an on going conversation or even a relationship. Naturally I wanted to help this friend, so I started listing for him all the good and positive reasons why it would be to his advantage to speak at the appropriate time.

He agreed with what I said, but when the situation presented itself the same old response took over and there he was with nothing to say.

Don’t give up if your message isn’t heard the first time…

So back to the drawing board, I took it upon myself to demonstrate for him in a live situation how easy it could be to talk to the ladies, by being cool calm and collective. Then it hit me. It’s not that he didn’t know what to say to girls, he was just too nervous to speak. So to come to a conclusion I came up with this idea and it was to take the problem head on. I invited the girl that my friend likes over and I explained to her the situation and come to find out, she liked him also. Perfect! So I had my friend to come by and I had the young lady wait in another room so when he arrived he wouldn’t know she was there.

Sometimes you have to get creative and let the third time be the charm…

So when he got there we sat down and started talking about how he felt and after a while I had her to come out of the next room and talk to my friend. I realized the way to motivate him was to have him face the situation head on, no matter how nervous he would get.  Come to find out, the problem only existed from a lack of confidence. Once he started talking, he never stopped. The two people have been happily married for a very long time.

It was difficult solution to a simple problem. The key to motivating others is to never give up in helping them reach your goals. Staying the course in the long run is rewarding to both you and the one’s you love. Love is the answer

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