How to Be a Muse

While surfing through the channels on my TV, I came upon an old movie called The Muse. Starring as the muse was the lovely Sharon Stone. This is a fun little comedy, which is a nice break from her fatal attraction type movies.  In The Muse, it was Sharon Stone’s job to help to inspire a struggling screenwriter (played by Albert Brooks) who was suffering from writers block. But the problem was, the writer truly didn’t believe in the talents of the muse.

Nobody ever trusts the Muse

In the writer’s defense the muse did ask for crazy things in order to receive her help, like demanding to sleep in his master bedroom. Judging from the movie, one of the important ways to begin to steer the writer in the right direction was to gain his trust and belief in the muse. So, she challenged him by demanding things from him that would put her in control.

After gaining his unconditional attention she was able to start creating the task of building his ability to relax and open up his mind, which would tear down the wall that was blocking his flow of ideas. Ka-ching! He was back in business.

It’s Hard out there for a Muse

So I guess one would say, being a muse is something like a parent who is teaching a child who doesn’t listen to their positive advice. Of course the muse or parent is usually right (sigh*).

So if you want to be a muse you gotta be willing to be aggressive, and be prepared to hold back the desire to say I told you so. Eventually, just like Albert Brook’s character they’ll realize how valuable you are🙂