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February 6, 2018

Lost Love

It’s better to have loved and lost, than it is to never have loved at all. Since love is eternal, if you hold on to the love you’ve shared with someone, you will never be without that love. This is the result of the greatest emotional reaction that we experience during out lifetime. No matter if it is a gain or lost of love, the feeling runs deep. If you look inward through your mind’s eye, it will be plain for you to see. So don’t be afraid to open your heart to love, because if you do, you’ll never know what it is to love, but first love yourself, and then you will know that love can never be lost.


Love is…



Simple Things

Many times it’s the simple things that are the hardest choice to complete.  For instance, you’ve loved someone for a very long time, but find yourself creating a circumstance that makes it hard to let them know. It could be you are afraid the feeling may not be mutual so you don’t let them know, but the problem with that is, you will never know unless you try. Or you have a life or business challenge you want to try or do and you truly desire the chance to do it, but once again you are afraid to take the chance.
The point I’m making is that it is truly a simple thing to advance you with the effort, don’t second guest yourself or be scared. Sure the act seems insurmountable, but don’t give into the simple things, because you deserve more and all you have to do is try.
Time and time again, dealing with the simple things,


If you sit quietly you can feel and hear the beating of your heart. It is giving you the universal message of life. Basically, life is based on numbers, sounds and feelings, in which together they create the sum of your thoughts and expressions.  You are everything that exists in the sum of one and from that we multiply in every aspect of our life. And if you listen quietly you can envision the cycle in your life that keeps playing over and over as you grow in wisdom and compassion.

We are to listen quietly to these things to evolve in each cycle. If you believe in your existence you can see that the now is all the time repeating itself, because it is always your future. And as you lookout pass yourself and see what surrounds you, you can see the place and space that surrounds us today is extremely loud.  So sit quietly within yourself and envision what is good and hold on to it, because without your awareness, you will fall into the loudness that is at this time challenging everyone around the world. So live quietly in your peace.

Quietly just saying,



Often we find ourselves confronted with temptation.  Many times it can be a good situation that faces you. But as we all know, there is also the negative side that intrudes upon our positive side of life. Yes, this is the challenge we are always faced with day to day.

Truly when you are looking for answers it lies with the choices we make that create the right or wrong of it all. The key is to think with a clear mind, with your best interest at heart.

Be sure this is a choice you can live with comfortably in the continued flow of your everyday living. So sometimes just look and don’t touch or do.

Tempted but not always giving in,

Your Smile

Is an expression of joy

It is the gift you give to me

Wrapped around a beautiful thought of love

It pleases me when it flows endlessly

From you

To me

And unto others



At one time or another, we’ve all have slipped and fail down and there were more than one result that came of that, in which came to be the final result. You could have hurt yourself physically or just emotionally, because of being embarrassed. Most people might think or feel the slipping in the physical since would create the greatest problem, but when you look closer the possibility of an emotional injury could be a continuing mishap.

The reason for that is, an emotional slip many times calls for many adjustments over a period of time and most times a physical problem is something you have a direct remedy for. I guess the point I’m making is, give value to the pain you see and feel, but give special treatment to your inner spiritual and emotional pain, because many times you may not even be aware of how deep it runs or if it even exist. But we all know; it’s not about the fall, but really how we get up or pay attention.

Just saying,



I look out and see that people are viewing the act of acceptance as one where a person states to another:  you are fine, as long as you live up to what I feel is acceptable. Sure that has value, but if you give in to that, you’re not being true to yourself. Because truly the only person that needs to accept who and how you are, is yourself.

This is a necessary value in shaping yourself for belief, reality and growth into the person you are and will be. As an example, I can remember a time when I was creating a musical project and since I was producing the project, I needed everyone to buy in on my view and direction to establish the existence of my creative identity, and then lend in with their point of view to round the totality of the vision and creative process. If I had received push back instead of support for my vision, as a young songwriter, I would have lost my way.

The source of anything of value is the beginning or the foundation. I say this, because it shows how important it is to accept a person in relation to who and how they are and not simply how you would like them to act and be. See, when someone positions his or her views upon you, this is not an act of acceptance. It is creating a standard on how they would like you to be. So if you know yourself, then accept yourself and if you don’t, find yourself and then accept yourself, because that is the only way you will find happiness, contentment and your glory in life.
Accepting me as you accept you,


Saying Goodbye

Many times saying goodbye is a hard thing, whether it’s someone passing or just no longer wanting to be in your life. The important thing for us to remember is the love; the joy and great experiences are the foundation of what we know our time spent with them is all about. Also the great thing that can come from this, is to remember the love, joy and experiences and keep it within your mind, heart and soul. With that you enable that person to continue to be a positive influence and be a part of your life, even though they may not physically be there. Yes, saying goodbye is a choice, because you have the memories to keep. Aren’t those memories the source of all that will continue to be with you?

Because of love and goodness, I never say goodbye, just see you later,


Ten Thousand Years

Sometimes it feels like it’s been ten thousand years that I’ve traveled this road. A road that was first started; before I began to even understand my destiny. But as I walk each step, instead of getting closer to the light, there is a mirrored reflection of a mirage that only seems to become further away the closer I feel that I get. It is not the things you see, have or want that is the glory that waits, but that certain knowing that exist only in what is true to your life.
So I ask myself, should I change directions and give up on what I now feel is not true or do I plunge continually forward by design, because of my faith or do I question the thing that drives my being? Ten thousand years, it seems like a lifetime but truly it is only the experiences that exists at the end of everyday of my travels.
My faith is my guide,


Creative Being

Most people feel as I do, that the most positive and creative thought or gesture is the showing, being or about, love. So that would be the greatest factor in your creative being. Lets try this, turn to the person nearest you and display an act of love. This doesn’t mean you have to be in love or make love, but simply share with them an act of kindness or a positive gesture. The love comes in when you let that thought or feeling come from the center of your individual universe, your heart. 

Creative being is when you do something selfless in a positive and spiritual giving way, without the thought of any desire for a direct return, because we all know, what you put in the universe is what you receive in return. Creative Being, try it, it’s good for you.

Paying it back,