At one time or another, we’ve all have slipped and fail down and there were more than one result that came of that, in which came to be the final result. You could have hurt yourself physically or just emotionally, because of being embarrassed. Most people might think or feel the slipping in the physical since would create the greatest problem, but when you look closer the possibility of an emotional injury could be a continuing mishap.

The reason for that is, an emotional slip many times calls for many adjustments over a period of time and most times a physical problem is something you have a direct remedy for. I guess the point I’m making is, give value to the pain you see and feel, but give special treatment to your inner spiritual and emotional pain, because many times you may not even be aware of how deep it runs or if it even exist. But we all know; it’s not about the fall, but really how we get up or pay attention.

Just saying,