I look out and see that people are viewing the act of acceptance as one where a person states to another:  you are fine, as long as you live up to what I feel is acceptable. Sure that has value, but if you give in to that, you’re not being true to yourself. Because truly the only person that needs to accept who and how you are, is yourself.

This is a necessary value in shaping yourself for belief, reality and growth into the person you are and will be. As an example, I can remember a time when I was creating a musical project and since I was producing the project, I needed everyone to buy in on my view and direction to establish the existence of my creative identity, and then lend in with their point of view to round the totality of the vision and creative process. If I had received push back instead of support for my vision, as a young songwriter, I would have lost my way.

The source of anything of value is the beginning or the foundation. I say this, because it shows how important it is to accept a person in relation to who and how they are and not simply how you would like them to act and be. See, when someone positions his or her views upon you, this is not an act of acceptance. It is creating a standard on how they would like you to be. So if you know yourself, then accept yourself and if you don’t, find yourself and then accept yourself, because that is the only way you will find happiness, contentment and your glory in life.
Accepting me as you accept you,