If you sit quietly you can feel and hear the beating of your heart. It is giving you the universal message of life. Basically, life is based on numbers, sounds and feelings, in which together they create the sum of your thoughts and expressions.  You are everything that exists in the sum of one and from that we multiply in every aspect of our life. And if you listen quietly you can envision the cycle in your life that keeps playing over and over as you grow in wisdom and compassion.

We are to listen quietly to these things to evolve in each cycle. If you believe in your existence you can see that the now is all the time repeating itself, because it is always your future. And as you lookout pass yourself and see what surrounds you, you can see the place and space that surrounds us today is extremely loud.  So sit quietly within yourself and envision what is good and hold on to it, because without your awareness, you will fall into the loudness that is at this time challenging everyone around the world. So live quietly in your peace.

Quietly just saying,