Where are you (When I need You)?An Ode to Friendship and Lovers

Where are you when I need you? Could it be, that you don’t see me and I’m just a reflection of your needs as you look at me through your eyes?  Treated like a common mistake with no value other than what helps you pass your time of day.

If you for one moment think of me in a way that is not of yourself, then maybe you can see me standing there full of love and friendship, with a desire to help you go along the road you choose to travel alone.

Where are you when I need you, because I think and feel that I’m all-alone, with no way to turn, because you’re in my way.
The way that I travel is to implement the hope, that we are we and not, you are you just not seeing me. I stand here like this asking, where are you when I need you?

I’m right here,