What are problems? Truly they’re only the things we face while living our lives. Sometimes they seem bigger than life, but if you step back and examine the situation, you will find that they are all the same. The only difference is the intensity you apply to each one, because the fact is they really are the same. They are all something that needs to be dealt with, but if you’re unable to do that, the next thing to do is figure a way around it or over it.

In other words, create an application that will allow you the same result, but is done in a way that fits your ability to overcome. For example, Dave and Nance purchased a new home, but because of a change in their income a few years down the line they couldn’t pay their mortgage. The thing to do is not worry, because that creates a separate problem that disallows them to think or view the situation properly.

Don’t panic or get frustrated, but seek an answer to the problem, even if it means downsizing. That way you’re living life and not letting it live you. Never allow the situation to be larger that you, because it’s not. Truly it only exists because of something you formally did and it is presenting itself for resolve. Problems. We all have them, but they can and will be resolved.

Dealing everyday,