Little Things Do Count

Based on the philosophy of living through seconds, minutes, hours and days, we sometimes tend to over look the importance of each moment that we live in. Like remembering to say hi, I love you or making plans for the next day or future. Every time we let a moment go by without viewing, feeling, seeing and living it, we take away from the importance of the life we live.

Is there ever a time when we have the opportunity to do nothing? For instance I was relaxing on the deck in the back of my house taking some sun in and listening to some music while watching the birds flying and landing in the trees. I was seemingly doing nothing. But within each moment that we live, stands an event that contributes to creating how we think, react and live our lives.

This moment allowed me to relax my body and mind in order to project attentively in to my very near future. The point being, always be aware of the moment and all the choices it has to bring.