Where Are You Standing?

I feel this is an important question to ask yourself, when you are not sure about a situation that may exist for you. Each one of us  at one time are another, might confuse ourselves when emotions are evolved. So I feel it’s important to ask yourself, where do I truly stand? Because you may be correct about the point you’re making, but not stating it in a way that’s conducive for the next person to except or understand. So are you standing to relate o r are you standing only to express your feelings? They both can be correct, but it matters on how you are standing. Are you standing in the position of letting a person know something, if so it is totally important that your point is made in a way that the person you’re talking to, can understand. Now if it is a point you’re making, are whether you are expressing your feelings and it is the emotion that you want to convey, then just say it, because it doesn’t really matter how they take it, you just want to get the emotion of it across. This type of desired expression (emotional) happens, but let’s not get it confused with making your point that is relative to the next person, because then it’s so important for the person you’re talking to, to understand and get your point. So all ways know where you stand, because it might get taken the wrong way.

Standing with you,