They’re many things that I feel appreciative for and they come in so many ways. But the most important of all to me, is belief. With someone believing in me, I can do anything that is positive, because it creates such a broad avenue for me, and the core of believing holds great substance and foundational values.

I can remember a situation where, because of someone believing in me, I over came a challenge that others and I thought I couldn’t. I was about twelve years of age and a good friend and I was outside my house playing. So my oldest brother came along and made the challenge to my friend that I could beat him in a hundred yard dash. Up until that point it was thought by my friend and myself, that he was a faster runner. But, after looking in my brothers eyes when he said I could win, made me feel a newfound hope.

At the start of the race my friend jumped the gun and right at that time I kind of felt not so strong, but I looked down the street at my brother, and I felt an overwhelming strength. By the time the race ended, I was able to come back and win the race by a couple of steps. This is something that helped me to be creative, caring, loving, honest and a belief to never give up on anything, no matter how hard or how long it takes. I’ve been blessed to have more than one person who believes in me during my life, in a way that only The Positive Energy can give. Without this I am hollow, because I feel a person is only as good as the people that surrounds and gives faith to him or her. The person, who gives it to me at this time in my life, is endowed with the purity of goodness and righteousness. So Ermy, I appreciate you. Thanks for all.