Standing Up For Yourself

It’s funny that in this society, an individual is sometimes judged as being selfish if they give themselves all that they need. When we truly think about this and put it in the proper perspective, it’s easy to see and understand that, before you can give or understand someone else or give to someone or thing, you first have to have and understand the values that create self. This means believing in you and creating an inner love and trust for you. The fact is you can’t love, when you don’t know what love is, ask Forrest Gump. You can’t understand the things someone else does, if you haven’t taken the time to learn the lessons life has in store for you. So be all you can be and learn all you can learn and let the things you learn, be about love, trust and forgiveness. Believe in what is good and right, because when you develop these things you become complete, and when you are complete, then you can give and speak on the next person’s life. That’s truly standing up for yourself, because when you know yourself, it’s then you have helped yourself, so you can help others.


Standing straight up,