Waking Up

I rose from bed this morning, and thought to myself, another day. Its 6 o’clock now and I am sitting here reflecting on that feeling. Where did it come from? Every day we experience waking up and it has other existences or meanings that derive from the original. First we wake from sleep to the consciousnesses of our day or night. Then we take the next step and attempt to adjust to the events of the prior day. I know the feeling is different for everyone and that’s, because it’s for each person to seek out what is most meaningful in the day’s endeavors. Reflection is the key to progression. When you reflect, step forward in a positive manner to view, and then understand those early morning revelations. After understanding what it is that deserves your complete attention, give it depth and value and support. The support is what gives it character and makes it complete. Now let’s take a slumber brake and start again tomorrow.