3 Ways to Relax

I find it a useful tool for relaxation; to create a method that would be tried and true for you each time you need it. My self I’ve developed three easy ways to get to a comfort zone when needed.

My first is exercise (when I can), because it releases a lot of the stress that is in my physical body and it gives you a chance to reach a physiological and psychological space that takes you where you were not before you started.

Secondly, I talk with someone that is able to listen and also express their opinion, which would be reflective of what we are talking about and not just an expression of how they feel.

Third, for me is my best option, because it’s something that I love to do and I’ve done for a very long time and that is song writing. When I sit down at the piano it seems to create a transformation of reality within my presence. It’s like anything you do that involves you to fully concentrate on what you’re doing. Also, for me it opens a door to the wonderment of my mind that releases an endless flow of thought and ideas and the good thing is it doesn’t matter if the ideas are good or bad. It’s all the same, because it’s the act of action more than it is the challenge of being right or wrong. It’s a place each person should attempt to find, because it’s simply finding the way to being you.