In The Beginning (Learning To Play)

In The Beginning (Learning To Play)

I can remember as if it was yesterday, when I picked up my first instrument. It was a trumpet I started learning to play during my elementary school days. The thing I remember most was the exploding desire and amazement of wonder (not to leave out the dreams), because that was the beginning drive for achievement. I often dreamed of playing on stage in front of an audience and getting a great sense of approval for my presentation.

In the beginning as a kid I realized, just like you have to learn to play the instrument, you have to learn to respect the instrument. 

As I look back now, I can see the importance of engaging a learning experience like that. It helps to build character, because of the challenge and the demand for practice. If you’re serious, you learn about dedication and the creating of a core for consistency. So truly I would recommend every child at a young age should find a meaningful desire for learning something, for me it was learning to play a musical instrument and perform my inner feelings.

Still playing and learning,