New Year Reality

The New Year has come and we are now living with in it. Thinking, hoping, desiring and trying to commit to the promises we made at the end of last year, to ourselves and others. Sure we’ve been here before, but we’ll probable feel this time we’ll fulfill our promises and develop the ideas we’ve come up with.

Really it’s not that we can’t or don’t want to finish what we started in our minds. But sometimes we get caught up in the moment of positive commitment and create goals within our mind and not our hearts. Everyone knows that his or her mind will and can think at the blink of an eye, bestowing sometimes delusions of grandeur. Whatever you feel in your heart is not just an idea, but also something that is truly a part of you and is there for you to embellish if truly desired.

The most extra ordinary ability we have is when we can make the mind and heart work together in harmony. This is what allows you to be complete in your everyday living, so I give to you, you. So maybe this year when you ask yourself if you can, you will be able to just do, and it will be your REALITY.

Being real,