Happy New Year

As we step, slide, jump or fall into the New Year, let’s hope for a greater sense of kindness and unity. As the words say and as they stand for the creation of a new time, let’s move forward. It’s the one time of each year when we have a chance as a country to do something positive together, because everyone’s mind and desires are focused on the same thing at the same time; moving forward and growing in the New Year. I feel it is the defining goal for all of us to give our best to come together as one in the name of goodness. That is truly our destiny, to stand together as one, but still retain our individualism and open arms for love and understanding.

Uh, that would be wonderful wouldn’t it? Anyway Happy New Year, as we hope with great possibilities in mind, for the positive future of our country and every one of its citizens.

Believing and hoping,