This one’s for the ladies. How much do you enjoy finding the deals that are in the designer stores after the holidays? I went on a venture yesterday with my ladies and now I understand what the excitement is all about. The deals you can find on the expensive clothing, footwear, bags and everything else is wonderment.

Now let’s talk about the money we saved on all the things we decided to get. Well on some things I saw, I probably would’ve gotten if it weren’t for the sell price. Anytime you can pay $400.00 instead of $800.00-1,000.00, you have done a good thing. The bottom line is, I now get it, not just the savings but also all the fun in finding the piece you wanted or something you see that draws you in with its magic of presence. So ladies keep on shopping, but it would be nice if you wait for the sales.

Feeling well dressed,