Misdirection for Connection

There are many situations where one person takes advantage of another. Using misdirection to mislead someone, in order to connect on whatever it is the opposite person has. Some call it a set-up, but it is an art that some not so trustworthy people use to guide someone’s mind to a venue of fault, and then take advantage in one way or another.

But doing wrong is a virtue that brings negative self-energy. So let’s think twice before we use misdirection to deceive someone, so you can connect with him or her to negatively gain from him or her, what is there’s from the beginning. Take for example, you look at the political situation when one political party take information and use it in a round about way to make the other party look weak, confused and wrong in their thinking, but many times the truth is just the opposite. So it is a fact that this information I give you, should lead you to question what’s said to you, put in front of you to view, and do not take for granted what someone puts in front of you for sell.

Keeping an eye out,