Sharing is a commitment that is relevant in our everyday lives. It takes hard work and an understanding of all the parties that are involved. If there are limitations of any degree, it will decrease the possibility of a completed connection of what is important to the success in the challenge. Sharing is not always based on giving and receiving, it also has to do with opening up to someone to allow their views to be a part of yours, in a comprehensive manner.  For instance, if I have a situation that I need to talk to someone about, in order for me to share I would need someone that has an open mind and ear that is willing to listen with an attempt to understand the circumstances. Now this  is based on a successful view of the circumstance at hand. Because, you can give your thoughts at any time to anyone, but that doesn’t mean that it will be received in a way that is conducive to what you need and what it deserves.

Let’s now concentrate on the importance of sharing and the role it plays for the person you are sharing with. Most people feel that the only one truly gaining from the situation is the person who is pulling from the happening, but believe me it is the entire party with in the sharing experience, that  takes away from the experience in equal parts, depending on the role one is participating in. An open heart is an open mind, and an open mind lends to the possibility of a successful sharing situation.


Just sharing with you,