Best Friend

How do you know who your best friend is? Is it the person you spend the most time with? Or is the person you trust the most? Or is it the person you can be yourself around and never have to worry about being judged on your thoughts and faults?

For me my best friend is a person who doesn’t judge me and accepts me for who I naturally am. With that we can find it to be a blessing, because many times we find and see so many individuals passing judgment on the next person in our society.

If we as individuals would take heed to the thoughts and feelings of others we would and could find that special way of relating to the next person. Which is simply caring what that person is saying and feeling and create a bridge to connect it to your own thoughts and feelings. This could be a way to create a self-generated positive connectional base.

We could make it an everyday part of our life, you know that positive thing you do that would create or add to that positive road in your life that brings you happiness and contentment. Think about how it would or does feel to have a lot of people truly relating to you in that manner. When you do, let me know, because you will be a part of the luckiest group of people to have experienced that situation.

Hmm, associate, that is also a meaningful word, because many times that’s what you have to work with and let’s definitely give props to that level of friendship, because it may not be the experience of having a best friend, but it also can serve as a foundation to a true friendship. What I’m truly saying is, simply take a look at what you search for in your best friend and give an associate a chance and if you discover a true friend honor it, because it is something made from a blessing.

Lets be friends,