Letting Go

In our journey in life we pick up various types of situations that tend to weigh heavy on our mind, heart and spirit. Many times we are not even aware of the luggage we carry. Without that knowledge we find ourselves misguided in our attempt to complete what we are working to achieve.

But in the space of our voyage we are afforded the knowledge in one way or another. In receiving the knowledge, we create an emotional attempt to develop a system of continual passage and I call it Letting Go.

The first advantage of this system is, if you let go of the things in your life that causes interference, you then create a space for the part of your life that is either in the present or awaits you in your very near future.

Letting go is a method that in many instances helps you to relieve the challenges that weigh you down, stand beside you or in front of you creating a static of confusion. So when you have that feeling or the situation that weighs heavy on your mind or spirit, step back or pause a moment and just let it go.

Letting go every day,