We all have a desire to express feelings that are deep within, at one time or another. We also sometimes find an individually expressive way to do it. It could be through words, deeds or an expression of love. There are so many ways to do this, as a matter of fact it is a particular way for each person if the search and one works toward finding that personal way to express their selves. It’s  like what I’m doing now, as I type this blog or it could be when I write lyrics to a song or when I compose music for those lyrics or when I’m writing in a book . The writing deals with expressions that have played the part of my life that creates all of my thoughts. Not only is expressing yourself or showing your feelings important to you, but they are also important to the people you talk and associate with. Expressing yourself is the communication of your inner being. So open up and give what you feel, oh yea, be nice and try your best to stay positive. Do it with love.

Just expressing a little love,