Seasonal Wishings

 This is a story I would like to tell you, but don’t saying anything just listen and don’t judge, but try to accept.

It was the year 20–, and times were hard. Many people weren’t in the position to have seasonal joy (aka Christmas gift excess). But understand that they would if they could find the tools to create the structure to be able to live within the wonderment of the season of joy, they would. Who wouldn’t? As time got closer to the 25th of December, there were more and more people in this declining situation. Then one day one single person stood up and shouted out; “lets all pray, believe and have seasonal wishes for all the children to have their wishes to come true. As this touched everyone individually at a time, until it included every adult, it suddenly became clear to all that with love and giving, anything is possible. This single act of thought or giving changed the world, because now everyone understood that it wasn’t what was around us that made the difference, but it is what has always been inside us that truly make’s the difference.  If you can’t give products, give the greatest gift of all— your love. So maybe you should try it, I really wish you would, I’m pretty sure it would work.

Peace and Love to All.

Believing all is possible,