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January 23, 2018

Is It Just A Dream?

As I lay in bed every morning

Just as I wake up for a brand new day

I think about all the positive things I engage in

With other people

Have you ever wondered what a person meant?

As they smiled and said

Have a nice day

I pay attention to that all the time

To all the good things people say and do

To and for me

I sometimes find a space where I find true peace

See, all my life I’ve made it a point to go out of my way

To show and give the true meaning of love to everyone I meet

But I look around at others sometimes

And see hurt and pain today

So is it just a dream?

 When I feel what I feel

Which is the true reality?

Should I stay in my space?

And not loose my place

And just turn over and go back to sleep

Because maybe it’s just a dream

Life is what you make it,


What It Really Means

Is it your wants and desires?

Is it your thoughts and points of view?

Can it be your love and giving?

Or is it simply the way you carry yourself?

These are a few of the things that could be what life really means to you.

For me it’s my belief and commitment to what is real in my life.

So if you choose to

Take a minute and think about it

It may allow an opening of a door

Or an advancement of ideas

But most of all

You may find

What It Really Means to you

Life that is

Just making choices,


Ten Things

  1. Belief
  2. Hope
  3. Love
  4. Honor
  5. Truth
  6. Forgiveness
  7. Friendship
  8. Giving
  9. Understanding
  10. Salvation


If you have all ten things in your life

You are living a good and well-rounded life

If not

You should strive to understand and attain.

Because, this is truly the meaning of being rich


All I have to give,






From the moment of our birth

We receive life.

Creating a continued action that we recycle everyday of our life.

Through conversation and affiliation, we receive one another.

But the greatest reception in our individual beginning is

The willingly receiving of our truth 

And that truth is. 

                                  The development of what we will believe and accept in our lives.
Which is the guide during our journey.

And that is to have continued enlightenment.

You know, when we live our life in a way that is good and righteous.

On the other hand

We have to make sure

When we do receive things that are challenging.

We must continue to believe in truth.

Which will always set you free from doubt and entanglement.

Oh yes, the fact is

That this is not an easy road to travel.

But if you live, search and believe in the positive truth.

You will always find your way.

One love

One truth

Receiving what is mine within my glory,



I almost could

I almost would

I almost cried

I almost died

But it is the positive energy

That told me

That I could

Therefore I should


Believe in Him

Which means

I believe in myself

Which also means

No doubt

No fault

But you must understand

That I almost


Just being there,



Beauty of a Woman

Your smile is filled with joy and understanding, understanding of what makes things right. Even though people may think you are not strong, you are as strong as the waves in the sea that flow from continent to continent, covering and owning everything in its view.
Your skin is so soft and smooth that it makes my fingertips smile and your smile, is the sunlight that strengthens my soul like nothing else can.
If I could look into your mind, I would probably see the answers to all the unsolved questions of the universe. So never stop holding my hand, because I’m sure I may lose my way, because you are where I come from, therefore you are my foundation.
When you wrap your arms around me I am secure, because you are love and I love you. Yes it is true as you see the beauty in me, I see and feel the beauty in you, and you are my BEAUTIFUL WOMAN.

From The Edge

From the edge of my heart

I share my love to all

From the edge of my mind

I think of the possibilities.

That is so close, but yet fading away.

Fading not in a way

That they don’t exist

But fading from the belief and desire of the many.

From the edge I can feel

The possibility of togetherness and understanding

But what looms outward

Is a forced possibility of the things that are not wanted

Yes, the edge is the portal of the now, that leads to tomorrow.

And what its greatest hope is

Is the relentless belief in one another

Truly no one can say

But everyone can do

For this is proven through what was given to us all at birth.


So as you stand every day at the edge

Choose to believe in one another.

Because that should be our choice

Just think about it,




Does it make you sing?


 Does it make you happy?

Or does it make you sad?

Why would one put any time into something that defeats the purpose?

The purpose is being

Happy, positive, useful, special and positively present

I ask you a question

When is the last time you wanted to do sometime bad or without positive consequence?

If you said never

Then why waste anytime being


Never mad, just happy and glad,




Promises, promises
I promised you the truth
Ha- ha
I promised I wouldn’t lie
I promised we would guide each other
Through the dark when we can’t see
I promised it wouldn’t never be you and I
It would only be we
Because the truth in words
Are only through action
So let’s believe in each other
And we will see
That our promises are commitments
Wrapped in love.

I promise,

I’m Sorry

I’m sorry

That your day may have started with someone not showing you love

I’m sorry

If what you were working very hard for, didn’t happen

But keep believing, because belief will help you to overcome

I’m sorry

For the negativity in this political season

I’m sorry

For all the anger around the world

I’m sorry

For the lack of love between people.

Although it may seem that things aren’t getting better at a whole, you can’t give up.

But I tell you

I’m here and I need you to continue or start believing

Because I love you and I’m always with you

I just need you to