From the moment of our birth

We receive life.

Creating a continued action that we recycle everyday of our life.

Through conversation and affiliation, we receive one another.

But the greatest reception in our individual beginning is

The willingly receiving of our truth 

And that truth is. 

                                  The development of what we will believe and accept in our lives.
Which is the guide during our journey.

And that is to have continued enlightenment.

You know, when we live our life in a way that is good and righteous.

On the other hand

We have to make sure

When we do receive things that are challenging.

We must continue to believe in truth.

Which will always set you free from doubt and entanglement.

Oh yes, the fact is

That this is not an easy road to travel.

But if you live, search and believe in the positive truth.

You will always find your way.

One love

One truth

Receiving what is mine within my glory,