Is It Just A Dream?

As I lay in bed every morning

Just as I wake up for a brand new day

I think about all the positive things I engage in

With other people

Have you ever wondered what a person meant?

As they smiled and said

Have a nice day

I pay attention to that all the time

To all the good things people say and do

To and for me

I sometimes find a space where I find true peace

See, all my life I’ve made it a point to go out of my way

To show and give the true meaning of love to everyone I meet

But I look around at others sometimes

And see hurt and pain today

So is it just a dream?

 When I feel what I feel

Which is the true reality?

Should I stay in my space?

And not loose my place

And just turn over and go back to sleep

Because maybe it’s just a dream

Life is what you make it,