Generosity is temporary, Helping someone isn’t

When it comes to sharing your time with someone, you mostly do it with your family or a close friend and you find it mostly satisfying. But there is also another very important need to be filled that deals with giving and it doesn’t have to be a lot of time involved. What I’m talking about is mentoring, taking time to spend with another in order to help them develop, control or create a better way for them. It’s taking the time to do something of consequence or value. What most people who think about mentoring may not understand is, this is also a fulfilling situation for them also, just think: to give is to receive. As you share your time, you share your thinking, love and understanding. Helping to create the possibility of encouragement and development of another human being. Is there anything greater you can do with your spare or given time? Mentoring, it can be a life changing involvement.

Giving time,