10 Random Acts of Kindness

Being kind is something that exists in all of us, for many it just needs to be brought to the surface. I was thinking about how people go about relating in a kind manner, why, because this is something I think about everyday, goodness. Here are 10 different ways I’ve shared a kind thought with others and some other ways I’ve seen and experienced by other people.

1.     During the Christmas holiday, my daughter and myself where driving across the Bay Bridge to San Francisco and an idea popped into my mind. It was a random thought to pay the toll of the next car that came behind me through the tollgate. It was to be a thought of pure kindness without any strings attached, solely designed to share some love.

2.     While surfing the net I ran across one of the most positive websites on the Internet. It’s called named the RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) and it is full of totally positive thoughts and gestures. The website is dedicated to encouraging people to help others through random acts. I feel so good about it, I feel it is only right that share with you. Definitely check it out, http://www.rak.co.nz/

3.     One of my favorite acts of kindness is, when I walk by someone I’ve never met and I say hi and smile and give them a compliment and they kindly reciprocate with saying hi and a smile.

4.     Another is, one time I left my lights on in my commute car one night and my neighbor knocked on my door to let me know.

5.     For me and I’m sure many others, one of the top acts of kindness is when our country has a national emergency and despite our individual differences, we come together to overcome the problem.

6.     When I first move into my neighborhood, my four closest neighborhoods took time to not only welcome my family and I, but went out of their way in making sure we felt welcome.

7.     Each time I see an adult take time to help a young person in finding their way to stay on the right path.

8.     You get to a door at a department store first and you step back to allow the people directly behind you to go in first, as you hold the door.

9.     Coming off the freeway and you come to a stop light where there’s a person holding a sign saying “need food” and you have some fruit in a bag on the back floor and you reach back and give it to them along with a smile and a blessing.

10.A hot day and you come out of a ice cream parlor with an ice cream cone and you see some little kid staring at you, and you take them in to and buy them their own ice cream cone. The smile on their face is the act of kindness for me.

Showing kindness,