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Words of Deryo


The quality of life.
The quality of things you possess.
Is there a difference between the two?
No, because the things you own
Are influenced by the way you preserve your life.

Quantify and Qualify your Quality,

The Meaning and Joy of Laughter

When you think about it, laughter creates one of the few times when you’re able to completely push aside problems, differences and anything that invokes negativity. Don’t you feel good when you see someone truly engulfed in laughter? I know I do, it allows you to feel free, fresh, joyful and inspired. I can remember a time when I was at Children’s Hospital Oakland, taking care of my daughter and seeing the people as well as myself bring laughter to the sick children. I could see the warmth and possibilities of wellness exuberating from their smiles. Yes laughter heals, if you don’t believe that, then try it and you’ll see and feel.

Laughing as I think about it,


The Spirit in your Heart

How can I stand
If my heart is broken.
Because the strength of my heart
Is what makes me stand tall.
How can I free myself
If I’m imprisoned
By the pain
In my heart.
Your heart may show
Your heart may glow.
Show the things
That you are only
Meant to feel.
Glow with the glory
Of the
Positive Energy’s Light.
The Spirit in your heart

One of life’s greatest wonders,

The Impact of Music in My Life

Since that enlightened day of discovery, when I first experienced the majestic warmth of hearing and feeling the expression of song, till the day when I composed a song myself, the sound, vibration and magic of music have controlled my life.

In the beginning it was the excitement of a newly found wonderment and as I began to truly understand the meaning music conveys, it has underlined everything I do, think and feel. It’s a language that speaks to me on all levels of my life. It allows me comfort and strength when I’m sad. It gives me an abundance of energy when I’m tired. Music also fills me with inner joy while creating it and listening to it. It motivates me to express love on all levels.

Keeps me healthy too! It’s a great way to help me burn through my exercise regime. In other words, music has been in my life, music has made life full of meaning, matter of fact music is my life, and therefore it impacts my existence in every way every day. I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know though, so you tell me, how does music impact your life?

Sharing life’s magic,


Finding Your Groove

I once told someone that: music is my pleasure and I can’t find nothing better, because when I’m trying to find peace of mind my music sets me free, so if you believe in me, let me play my music, music, music cause it’s my pleasure.

It is so important to find that thing in your life, which would allow you to feel the freedom of being you. We all do things to satisfy the meaning of our needs, but ask yourself do you know and do the one thing that allows you to be happy and in harmony with your personal self? You know, that thing that makes you feel complete each and every time you turn to it. I’m sure some will say yes to that and I say, just be true to yourself, because for me it’s music and I can’t find anything better.

Find it,


Saying Goodbye


Saying goodbye many times is a hard thing, whether it’s someone passing or just no longer wanting to be in your life. The important thing for us to remember is the love; the joy and great experiences are the foundation of what we know our time spent with them is all about. Also the great thing that can come from this, is to remember that love, joy and experiences and keep it within your mind, heart and soul. With that you enable that person to continue to be a positive influence and be a part of your life, even though they may not physically be there. Yes, saying goodbye is a choice, because you have the memories to keep. Aren’t those memories the source of all that will continue to be with you?

Because of love and goodness, I never say goodbye, just, see you later,


Push Back

The luster of Good Feelings
Stand strong inside of me.
Is it the possibility of things
That changes
What is in the world?
Or is it just me?
Feeling strong and positive
About the things and changes
In the world.
As time passes
I have learned.
Forgiving the things
That are pushed upon you
And are uncomfortable.
Can be illusions of pain.
If you work hard
To think positive.
Even if there is a negative push back.
Push back with Goodness.
And you will find.
An everlasting peace, serenity and a glorious gift.
That is,
The Positive Energy.

Push back,

If You Think (You Know Me)

If you think you know me

Then you would THINK

Before you express your

Opinion about the matters

Of my heart.

It should be noted that

Every person has layers.

That is only on their surface

One at a time.

So, if you really

Think you know me.

Think with depth

And not



But I still love you, now that’s deep,




The end of a project
Shouldn’t have a set
Period of duration.
The termination
Of when something is finished.
Should be evaluated
By the standard
Of what is best
In what you’re
Attempting to achieve.
So, like right now
As I compose this phrasing.