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Words of Deryo

It’s Time

It’s time to stand
And not loose anymore time.
No more crying
From the lying.
The babies are watching.
So it’s time to teach.
Even if means FORGIVENCE of the past. So we can start anew.
Yes forgiving, but not forgetting.
Because our history
Is to make us strong .
Not weak.
Not scared.
You see
Yes it’s time.
To trust.
To believe.
In ourselves.

About time,


Why is it most times
When good things
Are offered in progression for the many
People of color apply
But it turns out
That they are exempt
from the process?
Is it that they refuse
To see us?
Or is it
That they refuse to Believe in us?
Or, are we
Exempted by way of hate.

Just let me know,

Voice of Goodness

Into my life

Came a voice,

Voice of Goodness in my mind.

I hear a message ringing out to me.


Do not let the Prince of Darkness,

Rule your soul.

Can you feel?

The Goodness

In your heart.

Can you hear?

The Goodness

In your mind.

Calling out,

To set you free.

He made my life,

Brighter than the sun.

And when I think about love,

It is for everyone.

I hear,

Voices, voices

Of Goodness.


Voice of Goodness,



I have to be strong
Because you need me to be.
But like everyone else
I have my moments of doubt.
But I know
If I always do my best
I will always persevere.
And I know you have my back.
And that makes me

Stay strong,


I write you this simple note
To simply wish you a happy day.
So, if I tell you the simple truth
I must say, simply


My Wakening

I woke up this morning
Feeling that
Someone or something
Was standing over me
I thought it was Him
But he had sent my inner self.
To tell me
To get up
So he could show me the way.
Even though I was
Unsure and confused
I still believed.
Then it came upon me
He had sent me.
So I could see.

Now I am awake,

Looking Through

Looking through as far as you can think
You can find the wonderment within your soul.
There’s no limitations
No doubt
Because what is
Is only what you think and believe.
This a space or place
Where your everything evolves.
This also a place where you can begin to understand yourself.
Not in a way that is non-complete.
But in a way that is all inclusive with who you are.
So just look through
Look pass
Judgement or non-forgiving
Just look pass it all
And see You in Him.

It’s only right, if you know it to be,


We sometimes think within our wonderment
Things are beyond our reach or comprehension.
But if you believe in your thinking from the get go.
It gives you a giant first step
Towards the road of comprehension and attaining what you’re reaching for.
It does make a difference if you’re first attempts are right or wrong.
Because to achieve
Is to continue.
This is why belief is so important.
With belief
You don’t limit yourself.
Without limitations
You allow yourself
To surpass what you may have once thought was beyond your reach.
But we all know that it always comes back to choice.
So choice to go believe in yourself.
That way
When questioned by yourself or others.
You will continue and go beyond all possibilities.

I believe in you and that’s my choice,


As when I’m
Neatly tucked in my space
I see
All the challenges
Around me
I raise my hand
To the truth
In which it stands
Knowing that’s
My only play
I am

Find your truth,

Forever and Always

You are the love of my life
The hero of my emotions
Kindly walking with me
In each day
Never forgetting
Our completeness
That helps us
Along our way
So, I hold
My arms open
For you each
And every day
With that
I promise you
That this is

Forever and always,