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Words of Deryo


We sometimes think within our wonderment
Things are beyond our reach or comprehension.
But if you believe in your thinking from the get go.
It gives you a giant first step
Towards the road of comprehension and attaining what you’re reaching for.
It does make a difference if you’re first attempts are right or wrong.
Because to achieve
Is to continue.
This is why belief is so important.
With belief
You don’t limit yourself.
Without limitations
You allow yourself
To surpass what you may have once thought was beyond your reach.
But we all know that it always comes back to choice.
So choice to go believe in yourself.
That way
When questioned by yourself or others.
You will continue and go beyond all possibilities.

I believe in you and that’s my choice,


As when I’m
Neatly tucked in my space
I see
All the challenges
Around me
I raise my hand
To the truth
In which it stands
Knowing that’s
My only play
I am

Find your truth,

Forever and Always

You are the love of my life
The hero of my emotions
Kindly walking with me
In each day
Never forgetting
Our completeness
That helps us
Along our way
So, I hold
My arms open
For you each
And every day
With that
I promise you
That this is

Forever and always,


After working hard to gain
Then pushing hard
Away the pain
I ask why?
Working so hard
To complete the relationship
You simply turn your head
And it’s all gone
Gone to a place
With no face
Not one I know.
My heart and soul
Once again ask
Why is not for you to cry
Or stop your push
Towards your fame.
If you don’t try
You’ll never know

Trying again,

My Star

You shine your light
So I may see.
Creating a positive path
Even when darkness
Attempts to place itself
Between us
You continue to enrich me
My Star light
Shine bright .
Never stop being
My Star

With hope and belief,


If I
Say I love you
Would it make a difference?
Is how you feel
If I
Lean in
To be your friend
Would you
Love it?
I have made
Some rhymes
And spent time
With dimes
But I
Still can’t find
The love

Searching for Love,


I write my words, but I ask myself is anyone listening? As the pen takes flight, I know it isn’t me who is writing. Speaking from my heart with truth and love as its guide. I have a message that has been given to me.

Even though it is my father who sends it, as it flows across my lips there begins a push back of doubt that has stayed strong since the beginning of time. My fathers name is God and my name is Jesus and as I speak through the hearts of all, today I say what I say through he. I say as I did yesterday and the same tomorrow: hello and I will always love you.

As I was told,



Very shortly a new year will be right in our faces and we will stand within it, making choices, promises and creating vast degrees of ideas to give understanding, advantage and the ability to persevere in life. This is a continual process that we have applied in the years that have past.

The most important thing we might look for in difference is the question; did we learn and grow in our ability to sustain in what we have worked so hard to get from the time we’ve lived? Once again we are challenged through time whether or not if we have learn to live within times control or do we create a existence that gives the control to allow time to only be a presence that we use to live our lives in.

So it is very important to be aware, be present and be creative in every moment that we live. Yes time does march on, but are you being what you create or is time creating how you live. Think about it, it will only take a little time. 

Just staying on the 2 and the 4 to get to the 1,


Don’t Falsely Search for the Substitute

Don’t Falsely Search for the Substitute

It is many times assumed that what your mind and heart desires, is also the thing you feel you must possess or control. But truly is it, because sometimes it can only be a desire and not the reality of what you truly need and want. Like a young person wanting an expensive pair of tennis shoes, that he or she mostly bases their need in having it, on desire and not neccessarily by what they really need. Even though he or she, may feel they can make themselves more than whom they are, or allow themselves to look greater than if they didn’t have them.

The fact is, if what you need to make you better comes from material things, then what you truly need, is a way to grow your inner self. Like in composing your music, or doing your best in school, or practicing a sport you love, or simply getting to know someone. So the point I’m getting at is, there is nothing greater or better than what lies already inside of you, so don’t falsely search for the substitute, turn to your inner self and receive it from the real.

Staying in touch with the real,


Always Will Stay

While watching T.V.
It occurred to me
You my love
Were not around.
I saw this movie
And it brought back to me
All the love
That we have shared.
Some how
Always will stay
Always will stay
Always will stay
In each other’s hearts.
I long to see you
To be near you
So once again
Our love can flow
I know in my mind
And in my heart
We’re never apart.
Some how
Always will stay
Always will stay
Always will stay
In each other’s hearts

True love, never ends,