You and Your Reflection

Some people struggle to acknowledge their nationality in a way that expresses their true thoughts while respecting their background.

Truly there are two sides to the question of who you are. There’s the individual viewpoint, when you feel who you are in your heart and mind, and that’s a reflection of you dealing with yourself. But there is also the other side, when viewing where you are and who you are in dealing with others and the reality of life.

Someone told me once; “as a Black person it is important for you to always remember who came before you and what sacrifices they made, and if you can understand and respect that, it would give you a broader scope of who you really are.” I’m sure that applies to other races also.

You can express your thoughts about another person’s individual thinking, but that is sometimes useless to them, because truly it only matters what that person can understand and feel. But, when you get into associations with others, you must look at the situation through a different lens. Because no longer are you in the realm of personal thinking, because dealing with and interacting with the many, you must create a much different perception. You have to include history, worldly thought and the make up of how life and thinking is, when it comes to living among others. So think twice and answer this question: who are you and what makes it that way?

That’s life and I’m,