What I Have To Give

What I have to give is an enriched express of what’s in the core of my being.It comes from my center, where everything begins. It derives from the blessing that we all receive, but this time I speak from my individual experience and joy as I say and give to you. The Blessing I speak of is belief, as I believe in and hear the voice of goodness, my belief exist. From that I believe, if I take my 100% and give you 125%, that would be me communicating to you through my spiritual voice of goodness. This is what each person has to give.

The 100% is who I am and the 25% is what I have to give. Because when I give you the 25%, I give it to you through my belief and a chance to make our connection of the truth complete. Through you taking my 25% of communicating and adding it to your 25% of communicating, it means you and I have connected. Then you would add your 25% of understanding, giving us a united vision. Last but not least, your 25% of executing through belief, makes it100% of us sharing what we’re here for; unity through truth and goodness.

Communicating, because it’s the thing to do,