Voices From The Ghetto

As I made my way

From my mother’s Womb

The lights hurt my eyes

So I began to cry

Right then life

My life

Took a turn from the top

Landing me somewhere

Where people drop

Dropped right into the misery

Where people live their lives

Then die

Die with a heart broken from the beginning

Never knowing joy or hope to explore

So I ask

If God loves me, why this

Because I’ve never known or been told

You must believe in order to succeed

Never been taught that

There is a plan

Where He gave you a choice

Because all who were brought to this land

And didn’t have a choice

Still choose to live

So the plan is to become a man

And don’t take the bad that’s given, as your choice

But believe and grow strong

And don’t believe in wrong

Just be the man with the plan

And believe in the truth and live and love long: As your ancestors did.

 You can overcome the negative,