A never-ending universal natural happening that has no beginning or ending. So why do people state: they’re running out of time? Time is short or I can’t stay because I don’t have enough time? Truly it’s the thing that we have the most of. The only thing one runs out of is belief in life or self. If looked at closely you can envision the fact that your time doesn’t end when your vessel you use on earth shuts down.

Because your everlasting essences “if you’re positive in your beliefs”, gives you the ability to see things in your mind and heart and beyond, with your spirit. Your spirit is the one thing time can’t devalue or manipulate unless you allow it by indulging in false, misguided or limited thought. You know, like giving in to the misunderstanding of experiences you encounter in living your life. Things you don’t understand or are afraid to confront by questioning or engaging in non-compliance in giving up or just not taking advantage of the endless time in life.

Please, never let what you think you don’t have, stop you from advancing to what you want and think you can’t have, because believe me, you definitely have the time. Just create the desire and you will achieve. It’s about what you do in this life that creates the continuum of your time. Believe in yourself.

Taking all the time and enjoying it,