Very shortly a new year will be right in our faces and we will stand within it, making choices, promises and creating vast degrees of ideas to give understanding, advantage and the ability to persevere in life. This is a continual process that we have applied in the years that have past.

The most important thing we might look for in difference is the question; did we learn and grow in our ability to sustain in what we have worked so hard to get from the time we’ve lived? Once again we are challenged through time whether or not if we have learn to live within times control or do we create a existence that gives the control to allow time to only be a presence that we use to live our lives in.

So it is very important to be aware, be present and be creative in every moment that we live. Yes time does march on, but are you being what you create or is time creating how you live. Think about it, it will only take a little time. 

Just staying on the 2 and the 4 to get to the 1,