The Joy of Living

The joy of living exists within the realm of our inner being. It is also a fact that most things important come from the inside, to the outside. All of your expressions, your energies, your thoughts and most of all your love come from the inside out.

The true happiness you achieve in life is not based on what happens around you, but what you understand and create inside your inner being. Can you remember the way your parents would sit you down and explain certain things to you that you did not yet understand? That was the beginning structure of creating your inner being.

We are all individuals and the development of our inner being is what creates and shows us who we truly are as a person, in and about our life. And with that individuality we must develop the concept of relative relating with others, because if not we would never know who we are as well as others understanding that we are. So the joy of living comes from within, but it is important for your inner being to be understood by others on the outside, in order for us to be who we are.

Enjoying living,