The Journey

Sure, ones journey in life starts at the time of conception, but the journey for and of substance in life starts when you began to understand and deal with the complicated challenges in life.

When you’re a baby and during your adolescence and teenage years, you are guided and helped with the understanding and execution aspect of life. But it isn’t until you think, live and are slapped upside the head by life, that you know you have arrived. The funny thing is when you’re young you can’t wait to get to this point and for some people once they do, they wish they could go back to an earlier time. For me I continue to open my arms to the challenges of life with an open heart, open eyes and open mind, ready to view the next big thing to come into my life. Because I know with positive thought and love in your heart, it will only improve with strength, knowledge and the available belief in the fact that if you try you can overcome whatever it is you are dealing with. It could be the meeting of someone that makes you happy and I mean this not in relationship but in an “met you today and might not ever see you again” type of experience.

But most of all I love what believing in yourself creates for you and that is, a continual supply of health everyday living, because it allows you to focus and get pass, over, through and around anything you may experience on your personal journey. Sure I’m explaining this in a simple manner, but no matter how hard anything can be, it’s just that simple when you believe in the realm of positive thinking.


On the journey,