The Beginning

In the beginning I didn’t know

But as time went by

It began to show

That even though I had been here for a long time

It didn’t, wouldn’t and couldn’t make a difference

Because what some saw, when they looked at me

Didn’t reflect the truth that was inside of me.

So I asked the question.

Is it me you see or is it the reflection from your mind and thoughts?

I again asked a question.

Didn’t you learn, that in order to see you have to understand?

And with understanding you will see, that each person is more than a thought or reflection.

We all are the embodiment of complex feelings, thoughts and dreams.

And those are only a few of the things that count

In the vast makeup of a human being

In the beginning there was one

And from that

Came the many

Please, don’t get it twisted

Because we’re all in this together

Just like in

The Beginning.      


I’m just saying,